Marketing is the backbone of every successful brand. It is at the heart of every business that reaches stellar, unprecedented heights. Your marketing strategy must be effective and clever if you want your brand to get to the top.

Therefore, an effective marketing strategy is uncompromisable and invaluable. But is there a one-size-fits-all approach? Not exactly. But there is one feature every strategy you employ must have: consistency.

Here’s why.

Consistency Gives You Credibility

Successful brands are built on a foundation of trust and credibility. These pillars have served as the foundation for many of the most well-known companies. It takes time and effort to establish trust between a brand and a customer. Therefore, the branding team must also make consistent efforts.

Creating a single, perfect customer experience can be done by any brand. Creating a good first impression is easy. However, maintaining that long-term bond between the consumer and the brand is the real challenge, and that is where success is found.

If you are not consistent, people will subconsciously associate you with untrustworthiness, even if several facts are proving otherwise. You will automatically earn mistrust. Regardless of how great your strategy is, it will most likely fail.

Consistency Makes Your Brand Memorable

One of the main goals of marketing is getting in people’s heads. With so many countless brands employing the same marketing strategies and targeting the same audience as you, it’s easy to get swallowed up by the noise. And because being extremely novel or even remarkably innovative doesn’t guarantee success, you need to be clever about staying in people’s minds. Consistency can help you achieve this goal.

When a customer or potential customer experiences your brand consistently, it makes it easier for them to remember you. We speak of the rule of seven in marketing. Before a customer is motivated to act, they need to view or hear your message seven times on average. The first time must therefore be decisive, and you must maintain that momentum across all marketing interactions. You need to make sure they see you as frequently as you can. You can only achieve that through consistency.

Take a social media campaign for example. If your people see your brand twice a day for a week, they’ll be thinking about you when they leave the platform. If they see you once a day for two months, they’ll be thinking about contacting you for solutions.

Think about some of the most successful brands in history. You can identify them simply by looking at their logo or reading their slogan. Most of these brands have had their logos and slogans for decades.

Consistency Creates Predictability

Predictability, according to researchers, is essential for maintaining brand consistency. Simply said, customers prefer to know what to anticipate from your brand. Your audience will develop expectations about your brand through consistent messaging supported by a cohesive brand experience. It’s challenging for prospective customers to make plans when there is a lack of consistency.

Most people rely on past experiences to make decisions in the present. In the absence of past purchases, your brand is the only thing potential customers have to compare the risk involved with the purchase in question. The possibility of a purchase rises if customers regard your brand as trustworthy and dependable.

Consistency Helps Boost Engagement

The final point that gels everything together is engagement. The more people consider your brand trustworthy, memorable, and a part of the solutions in their future, the more they will engage with it. Many times, they even end up being its ambassadors.

The more people see your brand and make it a part of their story, the more relevance it will have.

A Good Marketing Strategy is Not Enough

When it comes to successful marketing, you must not rely on text-book strategies. Each company has different needs and targets different demographics. But the one thing that will determine who makes it and who fails is the consistency with which each strategy is applied. It can get tiring and results will rarely ever be instant. But persistence will always bear fruit in marketing.

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