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AgoraEversole is a specialized marketing agency delivering big-agency quality and services without big-agency costs. Our team is filled with dynamically creative, service-hearted people serving clients across 15 states. We fuse the right mix of marketing tools into your business to establish your presence in the marketplace, grow your brand and increase your revenue and market share. We work to create a relationship-based dynamic with each of our clients.


The Eversole Group was founded in 2000 to provide traditional ad agency services for community banks. It filled an open gap between costly ad agencies and generic packages by providing the benefits of custom-created work under the umbrella of a low, fixed monthly fee. Over the course of two decades, the agency came to work with more than 100 independent banks across the nation and earned the endorsement of several state banking associations. However, in 2015, The Eversole Group came to realize that it needed to find the right partner to offer comprehensive marketing solutions via social media, website design, SEO and digital marketing.

The perfect partner was found in Agora Company. For four years, we worked hand in hand to provide our mutual clients with comprehensive marketing and advertising solutions. And, on January 1, 2020, we merged to become AgoraEversole, an agency capable of providing complete marketing services under one roof.

Agora Company was founded in 2009 and shares the same relationship-based dynamic that leads to special client partnerships. Agora, Greek for “center of the marketplace”, focuses primarily on community bank and healthcare marketing. The specialized talents of the Agora team come together to provide marketing strategy services, design, web design and management, digital advertising, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) as a perfect and greatly expanded compliment to the traditional marketing provided by the Eversole “division” of AgoraEversole.  Together, we are a true marketing team of talented design, web, digital and client service individuals with the expertise needed to move your business along the pathway.


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