We walked into our new client’s office for our meeting about his advertising budget.  As an independent business owner, we knew that his marketing expenditures were not ten of thousands per month.  As he began to share with us where his ad dollars and commitments were, it became obvious that he was trying some of just about everything.  He admitted that he had spent the last year or two committing to just about every ad sales rep that walked in the door, to try them all and hope that one would work.

His approach was scattered, unintentional, and without a defined impact – a shotgun approach, if you will.  As much as I hate to say it, we see and hear of similar approaches from business owners and managers regularly.  They are so busy running their business that they don’t incorporate streamlines, researched and defined approaches to their marketing.

A targeted, efficient and effective marketing strategy regardless of the budget is necessary. Digital is often ideal (and a vital component of everyone’s!), but it must be the right brand and message.

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