Were you an early player in the social media game? Those were the “good ole days”, right?

You know, when all you had to be concerned with was engaging your fans, reaching out to their friends, and happily joining in the social conversation.

A new day has dawned for financial institutions. The regulators have joined in on your fun and have set up the house rules for this party. Sure, they agree Social Media is a good avenue for credit unions and banks to expose all of the great things they are doing, but with this exposure comes risk. So, while you can continue your online relationship, you just must create policies, monitor conversations, mitigate legal and regulatory risk and then report on all of this!  AE Bank Monitor is likely the solution that you have been looking for…or will be soon.

You may already be in the game, or currently thinking about joining in?  Either way, developing a social media strategy that balances regulatory mandates and competitive advantages which include monitoring, management and metrics is critical. Social Data is Big Data and although it may seem like a big risk, the greatest threat comes from avoiding it!

If you are ready to solidify your current social presence or start from scratch, we can guide you every step of the way. Contact us for a free Discovery Discussion to determine if AE Bank Monitor is your solution.

Written by: Jill D. Williams

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