Any man can learn from his own experiences.  The wise man learns well from the experience of others.  The origin of this is mantra unsure.  The premise of it, though, is spot on.  With business, as it is in life, the best way to get better is sometimes to learn from others that have gone before us and their experiences.  We have to hit the potholes head on and cause our own flat tires much of the time, but if we pay attention to those ahead of us, avoiding those flats keeps us moving forward..

While it is absolutely true that the marketing world is constantly and rapidly changing, that does not mean that you are on an island as you run your healthcare practice, community bank, or any other type of business. Social media strategy, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), web design, advertising and other marketing platforms are moving as fast as code can be written.  There is no practical way for a business owner / manager to stay on the forefront.  One of our strengths as an agency is that we do that work all day every day, and constantly stay in tune with trends, new platforms, and new approaches that connect with your target markets.  We admit that sometimes we learn best from watching what others are doing well, and applying it to best practice approaches for our clients.

In fact, having competition around can be very healthy.  Many of our clients offer outstanding services and products, but their customers can easily move on if value added offerings are not made obvious to them.  That is most easily achieved through their marketing messaging, and we take those best practice approaches, sometimes learned from others in the industry, and apply them to best grow business for our clients.  Here are a few of our primary focus points as we build strategies for our clients:

  • Positioning (and differentiation)
  • New technologies
  • Evolving platforms (social media, web, etc.)
  • Strategic specialization

Now, once we determine those strategies with our clients, using the wealth of experience from others and ourselves, we then determine a customized strategic approach that increases engagement with potential new patients or customers.  We have systems and expertise that none of our agency or consultant competitors can duplicate, no matter how they try use make our secret sauce.  Our own skills and extensive experience come into play as we utilize cutting edge marketing tools:

  • Web design
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC, Content creation)
  • Social media (campaigns, management, monitoring, growth)
  • Agency of record (design and print, advertising, collateral)

As a business owner / manager, we know that you need to focus on your day job: running your business.  You should do just that.  Leave your taxes to the CPAs and your business growth marketing to Agora Co.  Our work with you is a true partnership, applying our experience and that of industry leading knowledge, to grow your business.  You gain significant ROI and sleep soundly knowing that one of the key components of your entire business – marketing – is handled and applied impactfully (yes, with some wisdom thrown in) to help you reach your greatest success.

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