This process is designed to help us learn about you, your business and how we can best partner with you.  The “Creative Brief” is the starting point for your project and provides the insight that we need to cut loose on helping your marketing to reach it’s optimal performance.

Filling out this form only gives us more information to better understand your needs and goals for your campaigns. After all, no one knows your business like you do!  It is important to start from the mindset of what your goals are, and then let our partnership do the work to get you there.

Please help us tell the story and create the vision of your business / campaign. The more detailed and descriptive that you can be, the better we can craft the website, copy and materials to match your vision. Your vision is the foundation for your business and each campaign. It is the framework upon which your future success is built  So, the more detailed, vivid, and descriptive you are the better!

We look forward to partnering with you and serving you!

Creative Brief - Campaigns

What problem are we trying to solve for you?
What numbers are you trying to affect (clicks, visits, calls, etc.)? What metrics measure success?
Who are we talking to? What does that person look like and what are their interests (demographics + more details + lifestyle)?
What style and tone (ex. humorous, serious, sassy, etc.) are you wanting to show?
What are the key product/services for this campaign? What is the key idea to be remembered? What is the unique engagement opportunity for your prospects?
What is the primary Call To Action (i.e. Apply Online? Call Us? Provide Your Email?) What steps are needed to prepare your Call(s) To Action (i.e. add form on website, etc.)?
Platforms for campaign:(Required)

Select/state the applicable main task/project outcome deliverable.
List all known deliverables for the campaign.
Include dimensions, color or b/w, ....
Describe concept of imagery. Include whether stock, provided or photography services needed. Include Dropbox/other link(s).
Include a list of compliance needs/concerns, copy/link to disclaimers, and other related requirements.
List of other brands, websites, graphics, articles/blogs, or other examples of LIKES / DISLIKES and why.
Scope of overall campaign budget, please any specific platform budgets
Additional items of note, vision or mission statements, concerns, goals.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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