COVID-19 Response

    While we are all being surrounded by various updates and notifications of COVID-19 related information, here is a quick update relevant to you and your business.
    In short, our partnership with you during this time is more important and actually more valuable than ever.  We are not only completely accessible to you, but are working to be especially vigilant, responsive and proactive.  Communications and messaging are particularly important for your business during this time period.  Our various marketing technology platforms and work systems have us focused and effective for you.  To be transparent, we actually added several new clients during 2020 who realize how much we can do to market them ahead of their competition, while many are playing defense.
    Your business needs and can use us for above-and-beyond-normal assistance during this time period and transition to a new set of normals.  We also are being nimble in our actions for you as we pursue previously non-existing opportunities and methods.  Here is some of how our team is doing that for you:
  • While we are responsive to handling your current communication needs, I think it is even more important that we are preparing your business for the new environments and societal norms that we are experiencing as we are now into 2021.  AgoraEversole will help to make sure that your services are out front and are well marketed.
  • We are also here to help you be strategic and proactive.  We are seeing the bigger picture as we serve many clients, and therefore are bringing best practices to your marketing.  We’ll share what is working well elsewhere and how that needs to look for your brand.  Let’s talk about ways our team can help you thrive and succeed while others sit and wait.
    Lastly and most importantly, our mission is unwavering.  Our entire “why” is to serve you and your business so that you can in turn serve others.  These challenging times actually position us to carry that out more than ever.  We wish peace for you and the families around you, and look forward to a successful future ahead together.
    Thank you very much!
Chris S. Bates, CEO
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